Think You May Need a New Roof? Here's Everything You Should Know.

Roof replacement is a big decision! Superior Exterior Systems offers professional quality roofing and patient, friendly advice. We know that your home is your biggest investment; replacing your roof isn't fun, but your home needs to be protected from the elements.

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As an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, we are held to the highest standard set by Owens Corning and are required to meet strict conditions for professionalism and reliability. Only preferred contractors are able to offer the exclusive Preferred Protection Roofing System Warranty which provides an up to 50 year non-prorated period for both material defects and the labor to repair or replace them. Additionally, we offer a manufacturer supported 10 year Workmanship Protection Period. These are the longest and most comprehensive warranty plans available to homeowners. It's much easier to make an investment when you know that it will be protected so well for such a long time.

Roof Replacement: Questions & Answers

There are some questions that everybody asks about roof replacement. We've gathered the questions people ask the most below and given them honest, common sense answers. We hope this information helps you to start planning. Please remember: every replacement is unique, the information we're giving is for general purposes only. The only way to know what you need for sure is to organize an inspection from a licensed contractor. If that's what you need, call us on 503-285-0875
How old is my roof?
If your home is 20-30 years old, it probably has its original roof. This is not a guarantee, though. Look at the documents you were given when you bought the house, there may be information in there; contact any previous owners; or, call us, and we’ll do our best to figure it out.
How often does a roof need to be replaced?
Roof life expectancy varies depending on several factors:
  • Quality of original installation
  • Number of layers your roof has
  • Exposure to severe weather (e.g. high winds, rain, snow)
  • Amount of vegetation around the home
  • Proper maintenance
  • Type & quality of materials used
Typically, an asphalt shingled roof will last from 15-30 years, a wood shingle roof may last 20-25 years, and a composition roof could last 12-20. There’s a lot of variance, though, even within categories. Plainly, the lower the quality of materials and installation, the shorter the lifespan of your roof. That doesn’t mean you should just shoot for the highest roof replacement estimate, though. Consider the reputation and credentials of a contractor, find out exactly what materials they intend to use and do your own research.
How can I tell if my roof needs to be replaced?
Here are some signs to look out for:
  • Shingle Problems:
    • Asphalt Shingle edges curling and cupping
    • Bald areas on shingles where granules are missing, or large amounts of granules in your gutters
    • Cedar shingles graying, fading, cracking or splintering
    • Missing shingles are a certain sign that your roof needs repairing of replacing.
  • Aesthetics -if your roof looks generally old or worn, it may need replacing even if you’re not noticing specific signs of damage.
  • Are your neighbors replacing their roofs? Chances are your home is the same or similar age to theirs; if it’s time for them, it may be time for you too!
  • Moss growth – extensive mossing is more than a cosmetic issue. It can be a sign of existing damp, and it can cause damage by holding moisture against the surface of the roof instead of letting it run away.
Do I have to have my roof replaced right now?
Even if your roof is showing the signs detailed above, it may not need replacement straight away. Be aware, though, that further deterioration can often mean the replacement will become more difficult and therefore more expensive; and, the longer you wait to replace your roof once it’s showing signs of age, the more likely you’ll experience significant failures (leaks, moisture intrusion, mold/bacteria).The only way to know for sure is to get a professional inspection from a licensed contractor.
What materials are best?

There are several options when considering materials for your roof replacement. What's best for you will depend on the appearance of the rest of your home, as well as how durable you need your roof to be.

first, determine if your neighborhood housing association (HOA) has restrictions or requirements for roofing in your neighborhood.

Next, you should consider your budget and your desired outcome. There are three major factors to consider - Budget, appearance, and performance.

One example: An architectural asphalt shingle often provides the best return on investment as it provides superior protection from elements, has a widely admired aesthetic, high wind and algae resistance and many options to choose from, including high definition (contrasting shingle color/ appearance), various color options and shingle styles to choose from.

If you’re having trouble deciding, we suggest driving through your neighborhood and taking photos of the roofing colors & styles you like and sharing them with us. We’ll be able to tell you which is which and help you make the right decision.

How much does it cost to replace a roof?
Cost is dependent on many factors:
  • Size, Shape & pitch (angle) of roof
  • Condition of existing roof & infrastructure
  • Desired Material
  • Number of layers required
  • Home environment: height, angle, exposure, etc.

Because of this, it’s difficult to give a figure without knowing your unique circumstances. As a VERY rough guide, A typical single-family home roof replacement will probably cost from $6,000 to $20,000.

How long will it take?

A standard roof replacement should take no more than one week. Of course, this will be affected by the same cost conditions listed above, and there are occasional weather delays. A roof can be replaced anytime year-round, but it is always preferable, if possible, to get it done when the weather is fair.

What should I look out for when choosing a contractor?

A respected, professional contractor will wear their credentials on their sleeve. They will be proud to discuss certifications and qualifications with you and will be more than happy to share testimonials of their work, both professional and private. At no point should you feel they are hiding anything, or are reluctant to talk about, or answer questions about, ANY part of their business.

They should explain everything that is included in your estimated cost including any warranties, limitations, and maintenance requirements to keep your new roof in its best condition to maximize its lifespan. They should also provide you an itemized “soup to nuts” estimate in an easy to read format, which you can compare to other estimates for the same work. Don’t EVER accept the first offer without getting a second and third opinion.

As important as cost and budget are, it’s much more important to ensure the value you will receive from your investment. Hiring an inferior contractor who uses subpar products and improper installation techniques will end up costing much, much more over time and there will likely be no warranty to fall back on.

What's the first step?

Connect with us, and other qualified and licensed roofing contractors. Be sure to check our licenses and credentials. Read online reviews for each one carefully. Ask for references and photos of projects we’ve completed. All reputable contractors will be happy to spend as much time as necessary answering questions and providing information. After all, there is no more important investment than deciding to replace the most surface that protects your biggest investment, and the loved ones inside of it.

Before & After Roof Replacement

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