New roof, Hardie siding, stone and craftsmen window accents going on in Battle Ground. keystones add character, compliment white windows & accent staggered cedar shake Portland -Batten Board Hardie Plank siding and stone in Bethany area This owner trusted us with his biggest investment. When tearing off bad Lp siding a recycling dumpster will be used  - Portland siding contractor Need a siding contractor in Vancouver?  This home got new siding, gable vent with keystones, black shutters, enclosed overhangs and a rear deck Licensed In Camas we installed tongue and groove vertical stainable cedar on extremely difficult curved walls. The rest got Hardie Plank with extra wide window and corner accents. need a licensed roofing and siding contractor in Portland, Vancouver or Battle Ground? Gresham - Because we are unbiased we install whatever style of siding or windows you want. If it is a buyers market you will have a very hard time selling a home with EIFS synthetic stucco. Lucky for customer this home had Eifs only on front. Need a siding roofing or window contractor? Call today for an inspection. This is worst case scenario with the studs rotting and molding because of our rain -  Happy Valley Battle Ground siding  - lots of extra siding details - window trim, gingerbread, dental molding and window rosettes In Camas we installed tongue and groove cedar porch soffits to dress up this home. as professional siding contractors we also do decorative stonework - Happy Valley stained cedar in Oregon City looks great in the woods or rural areas. Stone work looks great on any home. As a licensed local siding contractor we can fix your rot - this is worst case scenario with significant mold behind the siding. A huge face lift - new Hardie Plank siding, high end roof, stone, designer keystone accents & shake. Rain coming over the gutter caused structural damage under EIFS stucco.  No Eifs stucco home we have fixed has window flashing - look at the window nailing flange. Structural rot that could have been avoided if the previous company used flashing Vinyl siding removed and new Hardie with cedar shake and accents for curb appeal EIFS stucco is messy and tedious to remove but we will try to keep clean. inexpensive functional gable vent to give curb appeal and dress up your home We take extra measures to seal the windows from future leaks at an Insurance building in Fishers Landing Vancouver As a PREFERRED James Hardie contractor in Vancouver we can help with design.  Hardie shake, window accents with stone give nice character We can make your home look like your castle too. This high end Lacamas Shores home is having difficult labor intensive Eifs stucco removed. Hardie Plank installed in Camas Serious structural damage UNDER Hardie Plank because the previous owner went cheap before he sold.  We had to completely redo the house so the new owner got stuck paying for it. old cedar siding with significant rot under it replaced with Hardie Plank in Happy Valley There will always be cheap companies that cut corners creating serious problems.  It's impossible too pay a little and get a lot. We are honored to be one of the few local ELITE Preferred contractors approved by the engineers at Hardie Portland - Customer didnt know rain was getting behind the building envelope which escalates costs Eifs stucco stands for Exterior Insulated Finish System. Rain gets behind it and with no moisture barrier it rots the sheeting and studs. Rot UNDER an overhang can happen - Hardie Plank in Clackamas In Battle ground -  Hardie board siding, staggered cedar shake, gorgeous dry stack  stone, bellybands, window trim, keystones & pillars all give curb appeal. this home was missing $10.00 flashing behind a deck.  Now paying for severe structural rot. We are one of the few ELITE Preferred Hardie contractors approved by their engineers How much rain do we get?  EIFS stucco has no moisture barrier to protect the building envelope.  Owner had no idea when they bought this. Battle Ground  - Construction Defect Specialists fixing Hardie Plank Our recycling box will help keep your home as clean as possible. Expensive rot repair caused from improper installation of EIFs stucco Portland - stone, window trim and new Hardie Plank in Bethany area Ever see a messy siding job in progress? We bring a recycling dumpster to help keep clean. - we're green! Lake Oswego siding - nobody will pay full price for your home if they know THEY have to pay to remove LP siding. Need a PREFERRED Hardie Plank contractor in Battle Ground?  Project got a new high end roof, Hardie Plank, shake, keystones, stone and window trim Original siders installed completely wrong so customer had to twice  to completely redo. We did craftsmen style look. before picture - after it sold it got new Hardie Plank siding, new  roof, decorative stone and shake. Battle Ground siding contractor Carpenter ants are common here in the Portland area and destroy structural support studs under siding Rot that has been happening for years under this Eifs stucco in Happy Valley New Hardie Plank siding, roofing and craftsmen style designer window appliques Subwall rotting UNDER the cedar siding over the years and got new Hardie Plank siding in Happy Valley notice the roof accents which wrap over the fascia board - gives great curb appeal in Battle Ground - Hardie Plank contractor Realtors LOVE when we remove LP siding so it can sell. All buyers will want the seller to change it first - West Linn Hardie Plank siding The Owner in Happy Valley never thought this would happen to his home. And like a good neighbor Superior is there. LOL Over 100 reviews on the internet and won the Angies List Super Service Award multiple times Licensed as a professional roofing and siding contractor we also can fix rot in the trusses since we perform Construction Defect repair Notice how clean!  A new roof after complete tear off will always have a dumpster. Customer had no idea rain was trickling in over the years causing damage. As certified ELITE preferred installers approved by Hardie we are often hired to fix problems that other companies create. A home that couldn't be sold in Beaverton until we replaced the Eifs stucco. In Clackamas we installed tongue & groove cedar in this arched porch overhang. This happened behind Hardie Plank because the moisture barrier wasn't a rain screen system. Notice the design of the custom gable accent and the roof style on the peak in the center. Battle Ground siding contractor an inexpensive keystone gable vent to dress up this siding in Vancouver Owner had a bid from a well known local company. The salesman tried to talk them into the whole house when they clearly only needed 2 walls. We wont take advantage of you and will earn your trust by not selling you what you dont need. If rain gets in it is only a matter of time before it starts to rot the underlayment. Camas - Removing Eifs stucco is always time consuming and tedious Tigard - as a chosen PREFERRED Hardie contractor we flash windows properly so this doesn't happen to you EIFS Stucco is extremely time consuming to remove. EIFS ALWAYS has rot under it since it never has a moisture barrier.  The rain overflowed the gutter for years. The owner never knew. Full roof tear off at Fairway Village golf course.  It unexpectedly snowed 6 inches during this project and we still made the customer happy. Banks often will not loan on a home with EIFS synthetic stucco because they feel its too risky. Do all contractors install Hardie correctly?  We are one of the few ELITE Preferred Hardie installers NW Portland - As licensed Construction Defect Specialists we fix all levels of structural rot Decorative stone in progress adds curb appeal to the front of any home Happy Valley siding and stone Selling?  Banks RARELY loan if you have EIFS or Dryvit stucco because its just too risky. Buyers will move on when they do research on the replacement cost Every single Eifs stucco home we have done has had rotting sheeting and studs we put shake accents above the siding with a custom made gable accent - Battle Ground Removal of Lp siding and rot replaced with new Hardie Plank siding with decorative Hardie shake more decorative stone work in progress on a cold December day to accent the siding Damascus - new Hardie Plank siding + stone + extended craftsmen header in progress This large estate in Camas got EIFS stucco removed. We are a licensed siding contractor. Old world estate got a major face lift with new shake & stone. Battle Ground siding contractor EIFS stucco is often glued on & considerably harder to remove because it must be meticulously scraped off inch by inch. Homeowner had no idea original siders put NO moisture barrier for protection so had to redo.. We offer thorough EIFS stucco inspections This 14 year old condo had rain getting behind the original Hardie Board creating serious rot problems Weatherboards was in a nationwide lawsuit that settled for 103.9 million to homeowners. We replaced it with new Hardie Plank siding in Happy Valley. High wind roof being installed in a really high wind area with tarps while working for extra protection in case it rains. Happy Valley - Notice the black mold to the left of the door under the siding? look closely at the stepped pillars we designed to enhance this home Hardie Plank is the most popular solution to EIFS stucco. Hardie Plank went up on this older home that is now fully restored and looking new in Portland. We won the coveted Super Service award in 2013, 2014 and 2016. Click on the links on the home page and read what customer say about our service 2013 plus 2014 plus 2016 Angies List award winner. Click on home page to see what customers say about our service. if this customer knew mold was growing, they would have replaced it a long time ago and saved money. As a licensed siding contractor in Camas we will find carpenter ants which destroyed this wood under panel style LP siding. Craftsmen style knee braces and keystone gable vent to curb appeal. Tigard - Stucco often has extensive structural rot repair costs. Stucco will never work in our rain. Need to sell? This sat empty until we changed the LP siding. We are a Preferred Hardie Plank siding contractor We are licensed Construction Defect specialists. This home with EIFS stucco in Camas had considerable rot problems. notice the golf ball imbedded in the EIFS stucco. another good reason why EFIS is a bad idea If you knew you had carpenter ants you would act immediately. Ask about our treatments to kill them. As a local PREFERRED Hardie Plank Contractor we are expected to be as neat as possible As licensed construction defect specialists, this condo in Lake Oswego had extensive rot repair behind the siding because of the flat roof with no overhangs. Why do you think so many customers trust us with their biggest investments?  Camas siding contractor How many siding roofing and window contractors have over 187 reviews all over the internet? The waterproofing prep work is critical to become an ELITE Preferred Hardie contractor stainable tongue and groove cedar on this porch overhang in Camas NW Portland - stone, window trim and new Hardie Plank siding in NW Portland hills As a licensed professional siding contractor we were able to match difficult 60 year old cedar siding for the south wall in Battle Ground Beaverton home got Hardie Plank + Hardie Shake + craftsmen style columns Banks usually don't loan on the sale of an EIFS home because its too risky for them. This customer lived here for 22 years and had NO idea there was no moisture barrier protecting is Lp subwall Look closely and you will see Lp.  if you have a knot anything close to this,  you have Lp siding.