Need a local cedar siding contractor in Portland metro or Vancouver Washington?

Superior Exterior Systems is a Portland siding company with extensive knowledge and experience installing real cedar siding. Over the last 25 years we have installed every different grade, profile and style of cedar siding, including the popular cedar shake style. Natural Cedar siding has different properties and expansion characteristics from synthetic siding materials; it MUST be installed correctly to achieve longevity and moisture protection.

We offer Portland area homeowners a wide variety of cedar choices:

  • clear vertical grain
  • select tight knot
  • tongue and groove
  • Shingles or shake style
  • Standard T-1-11
All of our cedar and wood siding styles will compliment any age of home, and they all come with the option of being fully primed or stained.

Our Cedar

We use first-rate milled from Portland lumber yards. For the sake of appearance, quality and longevity, we insist on grade A cedar wood for every project.


every project that we we undertake includes our Superior weatherization package: a special waterproof membrane system which includes a building code approved moisture barrier. Additionally, we add unique flashing to windows, doors and corners, along with sealing and caulking of the whole framework. This unique system will reduce heating and cooling costs, while protecting your home. All siding products we use are the highest quality available, documented and rated from numerous industry publications.

Our carpenters have all had specific training for the installation aspects of cedar siding and follow the proper standards for complete compliance.

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