Not Just A budget Option: There's A Reason Why Vinyl Siding Has Been So Popular For So Long.

Superior Exterior Systems is proud to offer ALL types and styles of vinyl siding, including extended lengths for less seams specifically designed for larger walls. As a professional siding contractor, we also offer Craneboard siding (sometimes referred to as Solidcore) which feels solid to the touch. We are completely unbiased, so we will order the right brand for your expectations and your budget. Or you can order Hardie Plank siding. We will show you the pros & cons of each. You'll love our extended length insulated lifetime vinyl siding too. All our installations have our unique waterproof membrane flashing system to protect your building envelope from rain intrusion. We offer a wide range of colors: up to 17 beautiful and nationally recognized styles, for aesthetic appearance and resale value.

Our lifetime vinyl siding systems with insulation can reduce your heating and cooling costs from 30-40 percent.

As a COMPLETELY unbiased siding company, we'll gladly show you all the different styles and all the reasons to select the right style, trim, accents, color, and look for your home and specifically YOUR taste. You are the boss when we work on your home. That just makes sense. We do this all day, all week and all year.

Vinyl siding is often considered to be a budget option, but with our premium quality materials that doesn't mean compromising on appearance. The high end home pictured has vinyl and recently sold for $598,000.00! Not all vinyl siding is created equal. We have extensive experience from 25 years installing all types of siding. We are always up to date with the way manufactures want vinyl siding installed and their factory installation guidelines. This ensures you are getting the absolute best installation with complete compliance and warranty coverage.

No matter if you choose Hardie Plank fiber cement siding or any grade of vinyl siding we include our GUARANTEED SUPERIOR QUALITY PACKAGE. On every siding project we also install our highly unique special water membrane gasket system and moisture barrier to fully protect the building envelope from rain damage. This unique state of the art flashing meticulously seals windows, doors, corners and subwall under the vinyl. This can reduce both heating and cooling costs, while protecting your homes exterior building envelope from moisture intrusion. All products & material we use are the highest quality available, documented and rated by numerous industry trade publications. But always remember we will order whatever product you desire. If you are selling, you may want a lower grade of vinyl siding. You are always in control of what is ordered. We know we work for you.

We also include a lifetime warranty that is transferable upon sale of your home on all of our lifetime vinyl siding systems.

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