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Need a PREFERRED Hardie Plank or pre-painted Color Plus contractor? Watch the video above or the slideshow to see our craftsmanship.

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Need a James Hardie authorized ELITE PREFERRED siding contractor in Portland metro or Vancouver Washington area? Years ago we reached the highest installation status you could reach with James Hardie.

SUPERIOR EXTERIOR SYSTEMS is a local siding specialty company that is proud to be one of the few siding contractors selected to tour the factories and consult with the engineers at the HardiePlank factories around the nation. Hardie Plank siding has easily become the most popular fiber cement siding over the last 20 years�

A few facts:
- we have over 2 decades of proven experience specifically installing Hardie Plank fiber cement
- No Nonsense unbeatable SUPERIOR Lifetime Labor Warranty
- unique Guaranteed Superior Quality Package with specialized building envelope water proofing
- Way back in 1999 we got a special invitation factory tour because of our unique techniques
- We have completed ongoing HardiPlank installation training for 18 years
- we are a fully approved authorized Hardie Plank installer INCLUDING pre-painted Color Plus
- over 187 positive reviews all over the web. Many companies write BOGUS reviews-We don't need to!
- we are un-biased and can order ANY style of Hardie Plank you want (or any other brand)

The fact is that with so many years of PROVEN experience installing Hardie Plank, our journeymen carpenters have successfully performed siding replacement using Hardi Plank on residential homes more than any other siding company in the Portland - Vancouver WA area. PERIOD! Even in the rough years of the economy.

Because of this much experience installing James Hardie Plank siding, often called Hardie Board, the big shot engineers gave us another special invitation to go thru extensive training at their manufacturing factory way back in 1999. This is extremely difficult to get in todays world. Ask ANY other siding company to show you pictures of them at the factory and they wont be able to. We can from 1999! The engineers at James Hardie keep their manufacturing techniques very secretive. They simply don't want their competitor to know how they make their fiber cement from start to finish. (The main competitor, Certainteed Weatherboards is in a class action lawsuit for failure so we took it off our site and will not offer it) I honestly don't know of 1 other local siding company that can say they have been honored with multiple factory tours to see how Hardie Plank is made and gotten installation training since 1999.

HardiPlank fiber cement siding and Hardie pre-painted Color Plus is made of fibers, portland cement, water, and sand. It cannot rot like the infamous Lp siding often does. Hardie Plank is the most used and common type of fiber cement siding in the Portland and Vancouver metro areas. Superior Exterior Systems is always looking for the most rain resistant materials and are pleased to partner with James Hardie at this unprecidented level. Hardie Plank, sometimes spelled HardiPlank, comes in different styles and options for any age or design of home.

Superior Exterior Systems can special order any style of Hardie Plank siding you want. Our Hardie Plank is pre-primed on 5 sides - all 4 edges and the face giving it an outstanding primer seal. Pre-painted Color Plus Hardie Plank comes with an impressive 15 year paint warranty since it is painted in a factory controlled environment. This is in addition to the 30 year material warranty. Hardie Plank on your home

Superior Exterior Systems will only offer the higher grade of Hardi-Plank siding, not the lower grades like so many others. Don't be fooled by low bids - It is impossible to pay a little and get alot. It can't be done.

Click on our video link above to see local photos of design ideas using Hardie Plank fiber cement and pre-painted Color Plus Hardie.

Being a local TRUE AUTHORIZED Hardie siding specialty contractor here in the Portland metro and Vancouver area, we are completely unbiased and will gladly show you the differences available and all the reasons to select the right style, trim, accents, and grade of HardiPlank siding for you and your home regardless the homes age.

Over the years, our siding carpenters have had extensive training and development with proper installation guidelines to ensure the building envelope is moisture protected. This ensures you will get the absolute best installation with complete compliance, warranty coverage and protection from moisture intrusion which is often not performed by low bidding companies without this training.

As a specialty siding contractor we include our premium weatherization package that entails a special customized water membrane flashing system from moisture barrier to windows, doors, corners, along with the sealing and caulking of all framework. This special system will protect your homes exterior building envelope from moisture intrusion, thereby protecting your biggest investment. All products we use are the highest quality available, documented and rated by numerous industry trade publications.

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