Hardie Plank Siding

We Are Elite Preferred James Hardie Siding Contractors.

Elite preferred is the highest status a siding contractor can achieve with James Hardie. It requires an ongoing commitment to training, technology and excellence in selecting and installing Hardie siding materials. Superior Exterior Systems has held this prestigious status consistenty over the last four years.

Hardieplank® is tremendously respected in our industry for its quality, versatility and durability. In the last twenty years it has become the most popular fiber cement siding material available, for contractors AND for consumers.

The best service and the best materials? That's what Superior Exterior Systems are committed to provide. We will meet with you at your home, provide a full inspection, show you all of the options available to you and offer independent, professional advice to help you make the right decision for your home.

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  • Hardie Plank is extremely popular - Vancouver siding.

The Superior Exterior Systems Difference

  • Over 2 decades of proven experience specifically installing Hardieplank®
  • A no-nonsense unbeatable SUPERIOR lifetime labor warranty.
  • We provide a unique Guaranteed Superior Quality Package with specialized building envelope water proofing.
  • Way back in 1999, we were granted a unique James Hardie factory tour because of our unique installation techniques.
  • Ongoing HardiePlank® installation training for 18 years.
  • Fully approved authorized Hardie Plank installers INCLUDING pre-painted Hardie Color Plus.
  • Over 200 positive customer reviews all over the web.

Our Hardieplank® History

With 25 years of experience installing HardiePlank®, Superior Exterior Systems have probably performed more Hardie Plank installations on homes in Portland and Vancouver than any other siding contractors.

Back in 1999, the engineers at James Hardie invited us to a tour and training at their main facility. This was an incredible honor for us. Ask any other siding company to show you pictures of them at the factory and they wont be able to - but we can!

James Hardie are understandably secretive about their manufacturing techniques. They simply don't want their competitors to know how they make their fiber cement so durable.Without being too specific, HardiPlank® is made from the following: fibers, Portland cement, water, and sand. It cannot rot like LP siding often does. Hardie Plank is the most used and common type of fiber cement siding in the Portland and Vancouver metro areas. Superior Exterior Systems is always looking for the most weather resistant materials and are pleased to recommend Hardie Plank siding as an excellent premium solution in our demanding NorthWestern climate. HardiePlank® comes in many different styles and options to compliment homes of any age and design.

Hardie ColorPlus®

Colorplus® is Hardieplank® that is pre-painted at the factory. It comes with an impressive 15 year paint warranty. This is in addition to the 30 year material warranty. You can find out more on our Hardie Color Plus page.

Hardieplank® Vs. Budget Options

Superior Exterior Systems only offers the highest grade of Hardie Plank siding, not the lower grades like so many others. That's because we know what lasts. Good siding is a lifetime investment: it does not make financial sense to choose a budget option that will let you down and need to be repaired or replaced.

We are an elite preferred Hardie siding contractor, but we're also an independent business. As such, we are completely unbiased. We're not paid to recommend Hardieplank® or any other siding solution. We do so because we know that it's good. We will gladly show you the differences between materials, including samples and case studies. Together we'll find exactly the right materials, style, color, trim and accents for you and your home.


We use our own unique weatherization system. This entails a special customized water membrane flashing system from moisture barrier to windows, doors, corners, along with the sealing and caulking of all framework. This special system will protect your homes exterior building envelope from moisture intrusion, thereby protecting your biggest investment. All products we use are the highest quality available, documented and rated by numerous industry trade publications.

HardiePlank® Siding Samples

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